Indonesia considering satellite technology for its broadband push
As part of the Indonesia Broadband Plan, the Government is looking to use satellites to connect people in remote and rural areas, beyond just fibre-optic networks.
What 4G revenue, Indonesia’s telcos ask
Since launching their commercial 4G LTE services, Indonesia’s operators say they have not seen much revenue from the service.
Indonesia to make coding part of school curriculum next year
The Indonesian Government will make coding part of the school curriculum next year, according to its Minister of Communications and Information Technology Rudiantara.
Infrastructure and competition key to Indonesia’s broadband plan
Like many countries today, Indonesia too has a national broadband plan – but the government must take the lead to ensure there is robust competition and infrastructure, according to industry players.  
Indonesia puts Uber and Grab ban on hold
Uber and Grab have got a reprieve in Indonesia, with the Ministry of Communications and Information deciding not to impose a ban on their operations despite a formal request from the Ministry of Transportation.
Kominfo fasilitasi Grab dan Uber agar tetap beroperasi
Kominfo akan memfasilitasi Grab dan Uber untuk memenuhi ketentuan Dishub Grab dan Uber diharuskan mendirikan koperasi untuk menaungi pengemudi  
Indonesia’s Transportation Ministry demands ride-sharing ban
Indonesia continues to be a battleground between ride-sharing startups and conventional taxi companies, with the country’s Transportation Ministry now demanding such apps be blocked.
Is Indonesia trying to have its digital cake and eat it too?
On the one hand, Indonesia seeks to become the biggest digital economy in the region and is wooing foreign investors and technology companies; while on the other, it is tightening the regulatory noose.
Indonesia tightens its censorship grip on the Internet
Indonesia’s tightening grip on the Internet goes back more than a year when the Ministry of Information and Communication unveiled a regulation to purportedly “promote safe and healthy use of the Internet.”
Indonesia’s tax crackdown on foreign Internet/ OTT companies
The Indonesian Government is cracking the whip on Internet companies that have been providing their services in the country but have not been paying taxes, with industry observers saying it is mere protectionism.
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