DNA Test: Meizu M1 Note
DNA contributing editor Keith Liu test-drives the Meizu M1 Note and finds the 5.5-inch phablet has decent performance and is surprisingly affordable, and will give the best of the Chinese big boys a run for their money.
Productive pair-up: Surface Pro 3 and Win10 Technical Preview
Keith Liu downloads the Windows 10 Technical Preview to see how the upcoming OS will fare when combined with the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet. Can this combo become your primary productivity tool? Find out here.
DNA Test: Oppo R5 and N3
Keith Liu got his hands on the Oppo N3 and R5. Summary: Both have their high points, but their high prices mean that it’s not an easy purchase decision to make, and we’ll want to consider all other options before coming back to Oppo.
DNA Test: BlackBerry Classic
DNA contributing editor Keith Liu runs the BlackBerry Classic through its paces. Summary: An essential upgrade for BlackBerry users. For everyone else, the BlackBerry Classic is a retro-inspired curiosity.
Political déjà vu before our very eyes
Many things have been said about the amendments to the Evidence Act, which led to the #Stop 114A campaign, including in our very own commentaries. In one more opinion piece, Edwin Yapp ponders whether the powers that be truly listened to the people and made a good faith attempt to really relook at the amendments.
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