Is Samsung doomed to be the next Sony?
Due to the Note 7 fiasco, Samsung now has an image problem. With a management in transition, the company should learn the lessons of history and avoid Sony's fate.
Samsung asks customers to switch off Note 7
Samsung has urged owners of the Galaxy Note 7 to turn it off while it investigates reports of replaced devices catching fire. This is a major setback to the company's reputation, writes Ajith Ram.
Samsung delays relaunch of Galaxy Note 7
Samsung has delayed the relaunch of the Note 7. Around 2.5 million have been recalled while new devices are expected in October.  
Exploding Note 7 may not affect Samsung too much
Recall of Galaxy Note 7 due to exploding battery limited as many telcos offer it as part of mobile subscription but have yet to offer it to their subscribers.   
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