Zafin Labs takes inspiration from telco sector
The Tanzanian-born CEO of Zafin Labs talks to Karamjit Singh about why he is trying to shorten the time that it takes to implement his software in banks.
CREST turns one, sharper focus for its second year
CREST chief executive officer Jaffri Ibrahim tells DNA founder Karamjit Singh about what has been done after one year in operations and the three key themes he is focused on.
Penang is regional engineering centre for Clarion
Together with Japan and China, Penang is a unique part of the Clarion group, with the full integration of services from manufacturing to technology development, sales and marketing being based here.
Bleeding edge work at Altera in Penang
Altera Corp (M) managing director Sofi Osman tells Karamjit Singh about the strengths of Malaysia as a high-tech E&E hub, but also shares his concerns.
Raising the level of Penang’s E&E cluster
Intel’s Christopher Kelly wants the companies in the E&E cluster in Penang to put aside competition and collaborate instead to raise the standard of the entire industry.
Penang’s E&E ecosystem the draw for National Instruments
National Instruments was drawn to Penang by its vibrant E&E ecosystem, and the Texas-based test & measurement company is intent on spurring and supporting that ecosystem even further, writes Karamjit Singh.
Agilent stresses importance of STEM
Agilent’s Datuk Gooi Soon Chai says that a talent pool strong in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math is key to Malaysia’s aspirations to becoming a high-income economy.
Week in Review: Are we Malaysians naturally blessed with smarts?
Despite the limitations of our exam-based education system, Malaysia's universities are producing some fine engineers. Are Malaysians just naturally smart, or are there other factors? Karamjit Singh ponders.
1,200 R&D engineers power Motorola in Penang
Motorola Solutions is doing ‘ground zero’ design and development work in Penang, with 95% locally trained talent, but needs more quality engineers to be produced by universities.
Looking to build the E&E ecosystem
The Creative Product Development Program for Malaysian designers was launched recently with five industry partners and the Malaysian Investment Development Authority. Karamjit Singh examines the implications and the promise.
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