Digerati50: Rocking it in Silicon Valley
Digital News Asia (DNA) continues a weekly series that profiles the top 50 influencers, movers and shakers who are helping shape Malaysia’s Digital Economy. These articles are from Digerati50, a special print publication released in January 2014.
Mavcap on verge of launching third round of outsourced funds (OSP3)
Talks are in an advanced stage with three parties, local and foreign, which will each invest matching funds of up to US$25 million into any of four local venture capital (VC) companies that Mavcap is planning to spin off by January, 2014.
Malaysia’s QuickSchools building momentum in the US
The wind is certainly in the sails of QuickSchools, Inc, probably the only Malaysian startup that has relocated to the United States because that’s where it is seeing the most traction for its online school management system.
Week in Review: It’s ALL about execution
With so many similar startups in the landscape these days, if you don't have a unique business model or technology, the key to your survival is going to be execution, writes Karamjit Singh.
Silicon Valley’s secret sauce: Code Army marches on (Part II)
Code Army wants to use the concept of Gamification [the use of game design principles in applications outside of games] to solve the problem of talent shortage that companies face. Here, in the second of two parts, its ‘commander-in-chief’ describes how his team went to the heart of the tech world, and the challenges it faced.
Go east, young man: QuickSchools.com cracks the code in Boston
QuickSchools.com has moved from San Francisco to a shared space in the South Bay. Founders Azreen Latiff and Aris Samad have also just completed a Boston stint, during which time they believe they have cracked the hiring code.
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