Public Relations

Disrupt on media relations: Know your audience, do your homework
Startups and PR agencies seeking coverage should do their homework on the media outlets they want to approach so as to better pitch their stories, DNA Disrupt panellists said.
DNA Disrupt #8: Media Relations 101
As a budding startup, sooner or later, you’ll need to move from pitching to venture capitalists and angel investors, to pitching to journalists. The next Disrupt session looks into this with its theme 'Rules of Engagement: Media Relations 101'.
Tips on hiring a social media agency/ consultant/ ninja/ guru
This week, columnist Jagdish Singh highlights eight key things to consider when making a decision about which social media agency or consultant to work with.
5 big ideas: Powering your business
If you want to grab more market share, it’s time to look at your operation through a fresh lens. There are some great ideas brewing in the global community that will help you outdistance your competitors, writes Verne Harnish.
We’re all bloggers, we are
A. Asohan has  a '101' message to all public relations agencies and conference organizers: Journalists are not bloggers, or vice versa.
Reading the fine print
There's more than meets the eye to the recent debacle over Samsung's alleged threat to strand two bloggers in Berlin for not toeing the company line, writes Gabey Goh.
Unhealthy relationships: PR, bloggers and the media
The recent situation in which Samsung apparently threatened to strand two India-based bloggers in Berlin for not drinking the company Kool-Aid has disturbing insights into how companies engage bloggers, and the bloggers’ own culpability in this relationship.
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