MDEC, Sunway Education kick off Malaysia’s first free coding school
A private, non-profit, tuition-free computer programming school has admitted its first cohort of students.
It’s not about what's free, 42KL is all about a continuous learning mindset
70% of students in France campus employed within a year or less of joining Structured not as an intelligence test but focuses on endurance & mindset
Nine coding apps for children
Is there anything that parents can do to introduce their children to coding basics? Actually, there are – here’s Winnie Lee with several apps that parents can turn to.
Are today’s youth Digital Da Vincis of the future?
Today’s digital natives may be empowered by technology, but they are disempowered in several ways too, writes Winnie Lee.
EdgeBotix aims for a robot invasion in education
Singapore startup EdgeBotix plans to make learning interactive by bringing affordable robots into the lecture halls and classrooms.
Trend Micro’s big data programming challenge for students, pros
Trend Micro Inc has opened up its annual Codinsanity programming contest to both working professionals and students for the first time in 15 years.
Women in tech ... or the lack thereof
Gender gap in ICT field and tech startup space still evident, but women in the space persevere  Female Founder Fellowship launched for FI Spring Semester in KL; application deadline Feb 9
Kids learning to code
As students grew up with computers as an integral part of their lives, it is unsurprising to see a growing interest in programming. Coupled with the wealth of information and the availability of tools on the Internet, learning programming has never been easier than it is today, writes Dr Shawn Tan.
How to learn programming: Small groups
Although the stereotypical computer programmer is often depicted as a loner working from a dark basement or kitchen table, programming is actually a social activity, writes Dr Shawn Tan.
How to learn programming, solo
In his previous article, Dr Shawn Tan argued that programming cannot be taught, but it can definitely be learned -- and this week, he has some suggestions on how to go about doing it.
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