Predictive Analytics

Proximity location service to cut down on card fraud
Fico has announced the availability of a ‘proximity correlation’ service for credit and debit card issuers that it claimed would improve the safety of payment card transactions.
Business intelligence, analytics not magic bullets: Tetra Pak
Enterprises embarking on company-wide business intelligence (BI) and analytics transformation projects would only reap full benefits if they were to focus on business issues instead of technical ones, according to manufacturing giant Tetra Pak.
Dell, Intel and Revolution Analytics set up big data innovation centre in Singapore
Dell, Intel and Revolution Analytics have announced the creation of the Big Data Innovation Centre in Singapore, which they said would provide extensive training programmes, proof-of-concept capabilities and solution development support on big data and predictive analytic innovations for the Asian market.
The impact of predictive analysis in 2013
For the past few years, companies have been touting the advantages of business intelligence (BI) as a means to gain competitive advantage over their rivals. But while enterprises are just beginning to apply BI as a tool to analyze their business performance, a new catchphrase in analytics has appeared in the past year, and as with all new trends, has begun to capture the imagination of businesses, writes Edwin Yapp
Did big data analytics help Obama get re-elected?
Edwin Yapp wonders how much big data analysis and predictive analytics tools factored in the victory of US President Barack Obama.
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