Pokemon Go

Realising the augmented reality dream
Company aims to bring augmented reality solutions to the masses.
Pokémon Go – Hate it or embrace it?
Embrace three key workplace lessons of Pokémon Go
The year in Malaysian search
Google on Dec 15 announced its annual Year in Malaysian Search, which looks back at 2016 through the collective eyes of searches on google.com.my and offers a unique perspective on the year's major events, top newsmakers and hottest trends.
Singapore companies cautious about augmented reality
According to an ISACA study, organisations are still hesitant to use AR for business purposes, and consumers are concerned about IoT security.
Having made it abroad, Indonesia’s AR Group sets its sights on its home market
Indonesia’s AR Group, which focuses on augmented reality has come home after spending seven years making a name for itself abroad and winning international awards.
Can games like Pokemon Go cure digital zombies?
Despite constant communication, loneliness is a growing problem in society. AR games like Pokemon Go which require players to interact with the real-world could be a solution.
Gotta catch ‘em all: Data privacy and Pokémon Go
As a lawyer and technophile, Michael Bishop of Commvault writes that he is both excited by the possibilities of AR and concerned over its wider privacy implications.
A tale of two smartphone manufacturers
Apple and Samsung post contrasting results. If Apple has to stop its inexorable slide into oblivion like many Japanese manufacturers in the 1980's, it has to get back to its roots of creativity and 'thinking different', writes Ajith Ram.
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