Financial data leads malicious spam hit list … again
For the third year in a row, the most prevalent malware spread by email were programs that attempted to steal confidential data, usually logins and passwords for Internet banking systems, according to experts at Kaspersky Lab.
Top 10 online security tips
SolarWinds product marketing specialist Vinod Mohan Sr. with some safety tips that may appear commonplace, but they are also those we tend to overlook.
Phishers taking advantage of iPhone launch, especially in Malaysia!
Trend Micro Inc is warning users of a new phishing scam that takes advantage of the recent Apple Inc announcement of the iPhone 5S and 5C.
As online shopping trend rises, so do related cyber-threats
The rapid growth of online shopping worldwide, together with the increase in money changing hands in cyberspace especially after the reduction of the Online Interbank GIRO to 10 sen, will attract more cybercriminals to target online shoppers, Trend Micro said.
Big dip in phishing attacks in Malaysia, but …
Closer cooperation between industry regulator MCMC, the police and the central bank, Bank Negara, sees a big dip in phishing attacks in Malaysia.
Mobile phishing on the rise, warns Trend Micro
Trend Micro Inc has found that mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, are fast becoming ‘valid platforms’ to launch phishing attacks.
Cybercriminals setting their sights on gamers: Kaspersky
Kaspersky Lab experts recorded 7,000 attempts to infect gamers around the world every day in 2012
Online scams: You can never be too careful
Online scams have been around a long time but recently, these con artists have begun using methods that blend traditional scare tactics with cyber-scam methods. That said, consumers can fight back by educating themselves and developing a healthy dose of cynicism, argues Edwin Yapp.
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