Education sector not learning from the US$7mil cost of cyber-threats
Educational institutions across the world are not taking the right measurements against cyber-attacks, despite being a highly-targeted sector.
Akamai Security Report: Using Your Data Against You
Attackers collating stolen personal data for credential stuffing & bank drops Significant number of 58 billion malicious login attempts originate from SEA
World Cup scams: How to avoid an own goal
Fraudsters will attempt to gain access to your personal data, typically credit card details or login credentials, using various methods.
What you need to know about GDPR compliance and email security
Email security is a pain point for companies, as 91% of email-related data breaches have been discovered to be a result of poor practices by staff.
Nigerian-phishing scammers steal more than just money
Cybercriminals are reaching deep into companies to steal IP and network plans.
Malaysia less susceptible to malware than emerging economies in APAC: Malwarebytes
The country ranks fifth in volume of malware detected in the country amongst other countries in the Asia-Pacific region.
Online financial cybercrime victims struggle to recover lost money
Research from Kaspersky Lab reveals that over half (52%) of Internet users who’ve lost money at the hands of cybercriminals have only got some, or none, of their stolen funds back.
Donald Trump the new spam favourite, Kaspersky Lab finds
The US elections, especially news about one particular candidate – Donald Trump – became the new hot spam topic this quarter
Here come the Olympics (and Olympic-themed attacks)
Global sporting events like the Olympics are a favourite for cybercriminals, according to Trend Micro. Here's what you can do to keep yourself safe.
Asia’s top Internet scams, and how to stay safe
A Telenor study showed that the top three Internet scams in Asia are: 1) ‘Work from home’ fraud; 2) Internet auction scams; and 3) Fake bank email scams.
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