Gimmie launches AI-based marketing engagement service Deepo
Digital marketing teams now have a new artificial intelligence-based tool called Deepo at their disposal to automate personalised messages to website visitors and enhance their online engagement.
Malaysia’s ChristyNg adds new dimension with bespoke shoes
A request from an American bride sparked a new mission for the ChristyNg team, which in turn led to the fashion company designing a 3D shoe engine it is confident not only fills a market gap, but is geared to disrupt the industry.
Telco Deep Dive: From telco to comco
Telcos’ key assets are no longer their physical networks but their brand and customer relationships, which makes them uniquely positioned to offer Communications, Commerce and Community solutions as ‘comcos,’ writes Gerard K.M. Lim.
Still space for another e-shopping player, says GemFive
GuoLine eMarketing is officially launching its GemFive online shopping portal on May 18, and despite the glut of rivals, believes the market is relatively untapped and that there is space to grow.
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