Malaysians need their MPs to be on the ball come Oct
A major announcement was made last week in Parliament that would have probably slipped the notice of most Malaysians, but which may have dire repercussions for freedom of expression on the Internet, writes A. Asohan.
MCMC a ‘toothless tiger’ and other Parliament shenanigans
Again, a ruling politician attempts to get the Malaysian Government to rein in and control social media -- and again, shores up his argument by pointing to non-existent laws in other countries, writes A. Asohan.
Spotlight trained on Malaysia’s 'social media' election
Will social media and its associated tools make a difference in Malaysia's 13th General Election? Edwin Yapp looks backs on developments and concludes that it will, but warns that netizens and voters must be careful how to interpret information that will undoubtedly be flying about this season.
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