Online Privacy

Women generally less concerned about cyber-threats: Kaspersky survey
According to the results of a survey carried out by Kaspersky Lab and B2B International, female Internet users are less concerned about protecting themselves against online threats than men.
Bread & Kaya: Tracing someone online
DNA columnist Foong Cheng Leong looks into the intricacies of tracing someone online, the rights of both victim and perpetrator, and how Section 114A applies.
Create moments of magic by engaging with the ‘virtual you’
Over time, every click, swipe, ‘Like,’ buy, comment, deposit, jog, and search produces information that creates a unique pattern of accumulated data and information that becomes your virtual identity, or your personal Code Halo – and what’s interesting is how the concept is playing out in the corporate world, writes Paul Roehrig of Cognizant.
Naked celebrity pictures: How safe is your cloud?
Trend Micro’s Rik Ferguson ponders the release of explicit pictures of Hollywood celebrities, and the uncomfortable question for anyone using iCloud: Is my cloud storage safe?
Bread & Kaya: Cyberstalking, harassment … and road rage
There is no specific Malaysian law that criminalises stalking and harassment, and It's time for the Parliament to look into this before it’s too late, writes Foong Cheng Leong.
Privacy lenses pointed at Snapchat
Snapchat is a hip and happening mobile app, and you’ve probably heard of it, though not necessarily in flattering terms if you are interested in security, writes Paul Ducklin.
Are the websites you’re using tracking what you type?
Any sufficiently motivated website owner can track more or less everything that happens on his webpage – this has been true from the beginning, writes Lisa Vaas.
Singapore video contest to create greater awareness of online privacy, security
Trend Micro Singapore has launched a ‘What’s your story’ online video contest aimed at youth in the city-state to encourage them to share their online usage experiences through creation of their own videos.
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