Online Privacy

Digital privacy fatigue hits as users struggle to keep personal data under control
With data concerns on the rise, one-in-three don’t know how they can fully protect their privacy online.
Of the Dark Web, online sex offender registries, and paedophiles
In the Internet age, the only way to catch paedophiles is to aggressively search them out on the Dark Web, and if needs be, visit and hack into every single kiddie porn forum there is – which should not be taken lightly, writes Keith Rozario.
Don’t need to explain what encryption is, just use it!
Governments and tech companies are slugging it out over encryption, but what does all this mean to the ordinary folk like you and me?
Trend Micro on how terrorists are abusing online tools
Cybercriminals have always abused legitimate online tools and services, but now they have been joined by an even more insidious group: Terrorists.
Government requests for FB data: Singapore leads the pack
The latest Global Government Requests Report from Facebook Inc showed that the governments of Singapore and Malaysia topped the SEA charts when it came to the number of requests to retrieve user information.
Philippines data breach downplayed, 55mil voters at risk: Trend Micro
Trend Micro investigations show a huge amount of sensitive personally identifiable information – including passport information and fingerprint data – were in the election commission data breach.  
Cybersecurity: Some will choose failure over change
Many organisations can be too protective of their information, which often leads them to choose to fail rather than change, says John Michael McConnell of Booz Allen Hamilton.
Selfie generation? Here’s what you really need to know
Many young people don’t realise that giving away too much information online can have serious consequences, says security firm ESET, which offers some guidelines. 
Time for a Safer Smart Toy Day: F-Secure
Parents have to contend with a new challenge posed by the Internet of Things (IoT): Smart toys.  
Spyware: Government denial despite the evidence
The Malaysian Government continues denying it purchased spyware from Hacking Team despite the mounting evidence, and this raises even more questions, writes Keith Rozario.
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