One in five mobile phones shipped abroad is fake: OECD
Growing trade in counterfeit IT and communications hardware weighs on consumers, manufacturers and public finances.
Stop flogging a dead horse, urges MTDC chief
MTDC CEO Norhalim Yunus urges for closer university-industry collaboration. Best option for companies, especially SMEs to move up value chain.
Indonesian SMEs Part II: Lack of data, coordination and will
Indonesia recognises the value of SMEs, and is intent on developing and boosting the sector via technology adoption and digitalisation, but these aspirations face on-going challenges, writes Masyitha Baziad in this second of three parts.
UKM Indonesia ‘Go Digital’ II: Perlu kebijakan pendukung
Data UKM Indonesia tidak relevan, peraturan perundangan perlu revisi Kalah saing dengan negara tetangga, perusahaan besar siap bantu  
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