NUS, Singtel establish Corporate Lab to jointly create innovative cyber security solutions
The National University of Singapore and Singtel launch the NUS-Singtel Cyber Security Research and Development Laboratory to conduct research, and develop capabilities and digital solutions to protect individuals, businesses and public agencies in Singapore from cyber threats.
Microsoft and Singapore’s NUS in data science pact
Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative received a boost with the twin announcement of a new data science institute and the signing of an MoU between Microsoft and the National University of Singapore (NUS) Corporation on data science research.
Malaysian-born, NUS-educated, Silicon Valley-focused designer
SF-based startup myWebRoom’s lead product designer is the Malaysian-born and Singapore-educated Ling Lim, who tells DNA how she ended up in the US after an unhappy and short career as an architect.
12 kota siap jadi kota pintar
Hasil riset menunjukkan Surabaya dan Bandung merupakan dua besar kota dengan indeks kepintaran tertinggi Pemerintah Pekalongan mulai menerapkan inovasi teknologi di level birokrasi pada tahun 2008
Post-acquisition,’s journey enters new stage cofounder Chua Chun Kiat talks to DNA’s Benjamin Cher about his beginnings,’s scorecard, and its future plans.
NUS spins off data analytics startup 6Estates
The National University of Singapore (NUS) said it has spun off a new startup called 6Estates from the NUS-Tsinghua Extreme Search Centre (NExT), the research centre it jointly established with Tsinghua University of China.
‘Toolbox’ on Singapore startup ecosystem shows it’s soaring
Singapore, known as an Asian launchpad for multinational companies in the 1990s, is quickly becoming one for startups in the 2010s – at least, according to the Singapore Startup Ecosystem and Entrepreneurial Toolbox prepared by 500 Startups' Arnaud Bonzom.
SAP and NUS in digital economy and business transformation pact
SAP and the National University of Singapore (NUS) have signed an agreement that they said would help the latter’s students better prepare for today’s ‘digital economy.’
Singapore sets up consortium for research into spintronics
Singapore has set up a research consortium to explore innovative electron spin-based technologies for sensor, memory and logic applications.
A milestone year for Singapore’s ViSenze
It’s been a great year for Singapore-based visual recognition solutions startup ViSenze, with a bevy of awards and new customers coming its way, capped off by a successful funding drive and penetration into new markets. Gabey Goh has the story.
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