Nigerian Scam

‘Nigerian’ scammers take advantage of Ebola
Spammers have produced topical new versions of the old ‘Nigerian Letter’ scam, this time based on the Ebola virus, according to the experts at Kaspersky Lab.
Nigerian email scams now using Malaysian identities: MCMC
The MCMC said it has been made aware of an increase in the ‘Nigerian email scam’ that this time uses Malaysian names or Malaysian public figures.
Online scams: You can never be too careful
Online scams have been around a long time but recently, these con artists have begun using methods that blend traditional scare tactics with cyber-scam methods. That said, consumers can fight back by educating themselves and developing a healthy dose of cynicism, argues Edwin Yapp.
Philippines among top spammers to US, Europe
In a report by Kaspersky Lab, the Philippines ranked seventh out of 20 countries with a share of 2.8% in spam distributed to the United States. Incidentally, it is the United States that was the main source of distributed spam, ranking first with a share of 39.2%, followed by China with 9.1%, Brazil with 6.6% and India with 3.7%.
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