Iteno mobile game puts the fun back in math
Why Creative’s Lim Shan Fei's latest game aims to break the perception that math is just for nerds.
Netmarble’s Lineage2 Revolution to Pre-Announce Its First Castle Siege
New content comes to Netmarble's Lineage2 Revolution on mobile.
Netmarble’s Lineage2 Revolution to run first massive fortress siege on July 28
The fortress siege is a one-on-one clash between two clans, with up to 100 players (50:50) being able to battle at once.
New challenges await Lineage 2 Revolution players
Mobile game company Netmarble supports its lat est mobile MMORPG game with additional content.
Netmarble unleashes Lineage 2 Revolution onto mobile platforms
Tapping into the popularity of the Lineage series, developer Netmarble releases a MMORPG that is for the ages.
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