Patrick Grove’s ‘beautiful thing’ fires up MDEC’s GAIN
A steller panel of MDEC GAIN companies discuss how to grow faster and go global with Karamjit Singh in the front row absorbing it in.
SC introduces Digital Investment Management framework
It is a fund management business which incorporates innovative technologies into discretionary portfolio management services.
Week in Review: It’s R&D to us Asians, thank you
With GrabTaxi’s launch of a US$100mil R&D centre in Singapore, DNA founder Karamjit Singh has some questions answered – but of course now has more questions in his mind.
N2N eyes Bloomberg’s terminal market
Almost one year after selling a stake in N2N Connect to Japanese investors, N2N’s Andrew Tiang predicts this will the year that the marriage bears fruit.
N2N’s ambitious Asian plan gets US$33mil boost
N2N, an MSC Malaysia company listed on Bursa Malaysia, is about to welcome two Japanese investors who are injecting a combined US$33 million. Founder and CEO Andrew Tiang tells Karamjit Singh why he is excited over the deal.
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