Government agencies ready to support entrepreneurs
Small and Medium Enterprises in Malaysia are fortunate that there are a plethora of government agencies to provide them with support.
The innovative crimefighters
TESS Innovation Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian company that is at the forefront of the fight against financial crime, with its exclusive range of software, and it has even bigger plans.
Week in Review: Of IP, and impact reports
Intellectual Property was at the forefront for DNA founder Karamjit Singh as he moderated a panel session on how it can be related to startups in Malaysia. He also wonders how important the issue is to both MDeC and MaGIC, key ecosystem builders.
Can Intellectual Property be sexy, or relevant to all?
The Global Intellectual Property Valuation Conference (GIPVC 2015) from June 8-10 has an ambitious three-prong thrust and aims to make IP sexy. Is organiser MyIPO biting off more than it can chew?
Week in Review: Malaysian ecosystem still reliant on govt
It may be an inconvenient truth but as we are on the cusp of 2015, the Malaysian Government still plays a key role in the ecosystem, writes Karamjit Singh
MyIPO: IP marketplace model needs private sector input
The Malaysian Intellectual Property Corporation (MyIPO) is inviting industry players to come forward and help shape the ideal model needed for the pilot IP Marketplace recently launched.
MyIPO kicks off Teh Tarik sessions for 2014
For this year’s Teh Tarik sessions, MyIPO is targeting sectors such as ICT, entertainment, creative, multimedia, biotechnology, green technology, research institutes, universities, as well as IP practitioners, IP agents, and accountants. 
Enhanced training for IP valuers
The Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia or MyIPO has announced enhanced for the existing 23 Intellectual Property (IP) valuers who successfully passed the IP Valuation beginner training last year.
(2013 Top 10 Story) Apple moves to trademark the term ‘startup’ in Malaysia
(Originally published Aug 30, 2013) This story, the DNA’s most-read story of 2013, clearly struck a nerve with the startup community in Malaysia, and called into greater focus the lackadaisical attitude many local outfits have toward intellectual property rights.  
IP management at NUS is no walk in the park
University adopts rigorous market filter for its IP management ‘We are pretty brutal’ admits director of technology licensing unit
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