Android flagship showdown: Motorola vs OnePlus
It’s a David vs Goliath battle in the Android smartphone space as China’s young OnePlus unveils a low-priced, high-performance device to take on the likes of Motorola, which launched its 2015 portfolio just a day later.
Why patents are bad: Privatisation of knowledge
Patents have their place, and were certainly crucial to the success of the industrial revolution – but in this day and age, with so many thousands being filed every year, they’re creating fences around knowledge, argues Dr Shawn Tan.
ABNxcess gets into the TV ring
Despite Astro’s domination of the pay TV market in Malaysia, startup ABNxcess has thrown its hat into the ring, investing more than RM100 million so far, confident that it can offer the market a value proposition that is still lacking, backed by its choice of delivery platform – digital cable TV.
Talent Corp tries to meet industry's ravenous appetite
The various professional development initiatives in Malaysia have seen the number of people taking part in up-skilling and training programs rising to 133,566 in 2010 versus the 39,606 in 2000, the majority of which were from the engineering and ICT sectors. But this is not enough to satiate the hunger of the tech industry for more talent.
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