Mobile Network Operators

Tata extends and simplifies SMS interconnect for MNOs, OTTs
Tata Communications has launched its Mobile Messaging Exchange service, which it claimed would enable Over-The-Top (OTT) providers and SMS aggregators to connect to a large community of MNOs (mobile network operators) globally, while allowing MNOs to monetise the SMS traffic with an added layer of security.
Mobile operators must fix weakest link or lose customers: Tellabs
A chain is only as strong as its weakest link -- this adage is perhaps the most apt phrase to describe the escalating challenges faced by mobile network operators in South-East Asia, according to telco equipment maker Tellabs Inc.
Are mobile networks as safe as we think?
We depend on mobile networks day in, day out, doing everything from making calls, sending confidential text, to online banking transactions. In all this, we assume that our mobile communications are very secure. But two researchers say that they may very well not be a safe as you think. Edwin Yapp ponders the effects of such a claim and wonders what operators should do about the all-important issue of security.
Mobile network operators the next frontier for hackers
Mobile network operators (MNOs) pride themselves on having high levels of security in the cellular networks they operate, due in part to the closed nature and sophisticated protocols they employ, but these networks may not be as secure as advertised, say telecom security experts.
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