Media Relations

PR strategies: Do you really need to suck up?
Given last week's major anounncements in the startup space, A. Asohan ponders the challenges facing a growing company when it comes to engaging the media and the dangers of bowing down to demands of a few.
Disrupt: Startups, don’t neglect public relations
Even at an early stage, startups have a story to tell Cost of PR services vary; should leverage free digital media
Disrupt #18: Professional PR help, do you need it?
Sooner or later, startups will need professional PR help Disrupt to shed light on ins and outs of engaging PR practitioners IN the early days of a startup’s journey, getting media coverage or publicity is typically an organic and ad hoc affair.  
Disrupt on media relations: Know your audience, do your homework
Startups and PR agencies seeking coverage should do their homework on the media outlets they want to approach so as to better pitch their stories, DNA Disrupt panellists said.
DNA Disrupt #8: Media Relations 101
As a budding startup, sooner or later, you’ll need to move from pitching to venture capitalists and angel investors, to pitching to journalists. The next Disrupt session looks into this with its theme 'Rules of Engagement: Media Relations 101'.
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