Media Ethics

PR strategies: Do you really need to suck up?
Given last week's major anounncements in the startup space, A. Asohan ponders the challenges facing a growing company when it comes to engaging the media and the dangers of bowing down to demands of a few.
Journos and bloggers revisited: What’s the diff?
After scolding PR agencies for not being able to tell the difference between bloggers and journalists, A. Asohan now has the tough job trying to explain it all.
We’re all bloggers, we are
A. Asohan has  a '101' message to all public relations agencies and conference organizers: Journalists are not bloggers, or vice versa.
Unhealthy relationships: PR, bloggers and the media
The recent situation in which Samsung apparently threatened to strand two India-based bloggers in Berlin for not drinking the company Kool-Aid has disturbing insights into how companies engage bloggers, and the bloggers’ own culpability in this relationship.
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