and MSN in content, joint marketing pact
Exclusive content from to be made available on MSN Malaysia Mutual marketing initiatives, with on-ground activities and joint marketing campaigns
Which Naza brother is the angel?
In July, Digital News Asia interviewed the founder of and true to his word, Ahmad Izmir, has made good his promise to bring to five countries 200 hours of adreneline-rush, video-on-demand TV targeted at men. Karamjit Singh caught up with Izmir and wonders who his investor is. Benchmarking against the best
Ahmad Izmir, chief executive officer of Izi Media Group Sdn Bhd which plans to roll out a for-men-only TV channel on the Internet next month with a simultaneous launch in five Asian countries, has no media experience. Nor does he think it is required.
Going beyond Astro: Only real men need to watch
Come September, Izi Media is going to launch its Internet TV site with about 200 hours of Video-on-Demand content spread over 60 titles, which will run from sports to fighting shows, reality TV, movies and documentaries. What they will have in common is lots of hot women, clothes dropping to the floor, lots of fighting, shooting, bloodied faces, blowing up and … well, you get the picture. Fun, boys’ stuff. Yup, they’re going beyond Astro!
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