Mark Thiele

A 'fluid' way to cool high-density data centres
New immersion cooling technology drastically cuts energy and space costs Key to technology are new techniques and new super fluid by 3M 
Caring for data centres and … beef stew?
Most data centres pay less attention to the outcome of changes than a chef does when adding ingredients or spices to a beef stew, writes Mark Thiele of Switch Communications.
Reducing IT fire-fighting and improving business agility
Too much time spent fighting fires of maintenance and support and not enough time solving the underlying issues Good leadership, excellent process/automation and solid training essential to reduce risk
Mobility’s impact on your data centre decisions
The impact of mobility is much more likely to be felt in data centre facility strategies rather than design; Mark Thiele tries to give a view of reality vs. hype.
I’ll get right on that, boss – data centre ownership
In many cases, we make pragmatic decisions or fail to implement a reasonably decent solution because the long term risks of ownership cast dark clouds over our choices, writes Mark Thiele.
If the tech don’t fit, you must convict
Too many vendors make claims that they don’t need to make -- claims which are wrong or at best, a bit of a reach, writes Mark Thiele of Switch Communications.
Open source IT vs commercial IT: What’s your call?
Should an organization pursue a “crowd sourced” solution or use a service or buy a packaged solution? Mark Thiele looks at the pitfalls, risks and rewards of both paths.
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