Malcolm Gladwell

The 6 laws of digital transformation, according to SingPost
At the recent Forrester CMO + CIO Conference 2015 in Singapore, SingPost's Timothy Lee laid down a few laws to guide other companies in their digital transformation journey, reports Benjamin Cher.
Spotlight trained on Malaysia’s 'social media' election
Will social media and its associated tools make a difference in Malaysia's 13th General Election? Edwin Yapp looks backs on developments and concludes that it will, but warns that netizens and voters must be careful how to interpret information that will undoubtedly be flying about this season.
'Security research is a serious business'
Security researchers are often perceived as counter-culture driven individuals who are having a ball of time partying and enjoying life to the max but this couldn't be further from the truth, according to applied information security researcher Haroon Meer.
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