Lifelong Learning

12 free courses: Learn online or on the go
In the spirit of Khan Academy, Winnie Lee looks at free apps that can help you expand our knowledge – and they’re all free!
Joel Neoh’s eight nuggets from his journey
Entrepreneur Joel Neoh, founder of KFit and former Groupon VP, spent a weekend in deep thought, reflecting over how real-life lessons helped reshape some advice he got while growing up. He shares his thoughts here.
LessonsGoWhere takes off, brings e-commerce to offline learning
Singapore startup LessonsGoWhere has officially launched its online marketplace that allows users to discover, list and book real-world lessons, replacing a beta site that was set up last December.
Expanding intellectual horizons with CultureRun (Updated)
CultureRun is a peer-to-peer marketplace that connects people with skills to share with those looking to learn new things, writes Gabey Goh.
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