Lean Startup

Creating the ‘lean corporation’ and avoiding startup mistakes
Traditional businesses are struggling to find a role in this new digital economy – some are, in fact, becoming software companies, but they are in danger of taking away the wrong lessons.
Market validation: Forget friends and family!
Zafrul Noordin speaks to DNA about the ‘concierge MVP’ technique used by Lean Startup Machine to help entrepreneurs validate their products.
Week in Review: Corporate interest in the startup way
Corporates are increasingly interested to see how they can apply some startup skills to their organisations, while those already working in startups probably harbour interest in launching their own outfits. Karamjit Singh chips in with his thoughts.
Carama out to build trust between car owners and mechanics
A billion-dollar company has taken it upon itself to improve the levels of trust between consumers and their friendly neighbourhood workshops. And it has taken Malaysia as its global pilot. Can it succeed?
LSM Kuala Lumpur makes an impact
Karamjit Singh spoke to some people involved in the inaugural Lean Startup Machine (LSM) KL workshop held in May, and shares the high points and one area that needs to be improved on.
Early market validation is a must for startups
One of the first steps in building a business is finding out if people would be willing to pay for your product or service, but many startups seem to prefer skipping this, writes Gabey Goh.
Serious about entrepreneurship? Find out with JFDI Discovery
Joyful Frog Digital Incubator (JFDI) Asia has launched a 21-day programme called JFDI Discovery to help business startup founders in the quest to achieve ‘problem-customer fit’ via a market deep dive process.
2yrs and a pivot later, Code Army marches on with Lean Startup Machine
After wasting over two years before finding Code Army’s niche, which involved abandoning gamification and narrowing its focus, cofounder Zafrul Noordin tells Karamjit Singh that he wants to help his fellow Malaysians avoid the same mistakes he did – via the Lean Startup Machine. 
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