HP unveils the new Spectre x360 in Malaysia
The new Spectre x360 went on sale in the US about two months ago The Spectre x360 now achieves 25 percent more hours of battery life with up to 15 hours
Review: HP Spectre 13, a beast inside the beauty
A truly beautiful laptop which does not compromise on performance, the Spectre 13 fully deserves our Editor's Choice award, writes Ajith Ram.
Review: Dell Precision 5510, missing the target
There is a lot to like about the Dell Precision 5510 mobile workstation. Along with a 4K touch screen which is a joy to behold, the laptop has a speedy SSD and ample RAM. Dell is pricing this laptop at RM9,143. And this is the real issue. Compared to regular consumer laptops, unfortunately, the application performance of the Precision 5510 simply does not justify the high price.   The simple truth is that there are several laptops now available in the market which are cheaper and faster than the Precision 5510. Therefore, unless you absolutely require the 'safety' of certified GPU drivers and a high quality 4K screen, it may not make sense to opt for this portable workstation.  
AMD plans to regain CPU performance crown
AMD has revealed additional architectural details and a first look at the performance of its next-generation, Zen CPU core. AMD demonstrated the Zen core achieving a 40 percent improvement in instructions per clock over its current architecture. The company has been bleeding money for several years now and it is hanging on by the slimmest of threads. If Zen fails to deliver, it will likely prove a death knell for the company - at least as a unified CPU and GPU manufacturer.
Review: Lenovo Yoga 500, hardly stellar
Lenovo is having a tough time these days. Despite being the world's largest PC vendor, beating both Dell and HP in unit sales, the company just cannot seem to turn a profit. The financial report for fiscal 2015 (April 2015 - March 2016) shows the company recording revenues of US $44.912 billion. That is a decrease of three percent from the previous fiscal year and a net loss of US $128 million.  
Review: Dell XPS 15, a silver bullet
THESE days, the PC manufacturer Dell has a falling problem. Along with global PC sales, its own sales are dwindling. The former world number one is now third, behind Lenovo and HP. To make matters worse, smaller manufacturers like Asus and Acer are snapping at its heels.   Even in its once untouchable portable segment, sales are falling. Dell badly needs a winner - or a slew of winners. Is it possible that the new XPS 15 laptop heralds the beginning of a turnaround?
A gaming dragon rises
World's first laptop to feature eye-tracking Desktop PC with two Nvidia graphics cards  
Acer updates product lineup
World's first liquid-cooled 2-in-1 R1 series monitors with thin bezel  
Lenovo launches new products
Ideapad competes against Surface Pro 4 Pocket projector compatible with mobiles LENOVO Malaysia has unveiled its latest products with the themes of  “Empower, Engage and Experience.” These devices span the consumer, commercial and enterprise segments.
Review: The Acer Aspire R 14, your new officemate
THE Acer Group is having a good time these days. Although the PC market continues to shrink by single digits every year, Acer is bucking the trend. Last year, it managed to ship over 20 million desktop and laptop units, a growth of over 3%. Although many of the units were in the budget Chromebook segment, it is still a commendable achievement in a tightening market.  
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