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SNS Network unleashes Atom-powered Joi tablet and phone
SNS Network Sdn Bhd has introduced the Joi 7 Lite tablet and Joi Phone 5 smartphone, both based on the Intel Atom x3 processor series.
SNS Network expands Joi Win8.1 tablet lineup
SNS Network Sdn Bhd has announced the addition of new devices to its lineup of Joi tablets, with the original Joi 8, an Intel-powered Windows 8.1 tablet released last year, now be joined by the Joi 7, Joi 8i with 3G and Joi 10 Flip.
Malaysia-produced Win8.1 tablet unveiled
SNS Network Sdn Bhd has introduced Joi 8, which it said was Malaysia’s first local branded tablet powered by Intel Corp and running on Microsoft Corp’s Windows 8.1 operating system.
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