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BuzzCity launches ‘Urban Clusters’ for mobile advertisers
BuzzCity has launched its Urban Clusters feature, which it said would allow advertisers to better identify, and target key groups in cities across its emerging markets such as India, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Africa and Thailand.
Click fraud threatens m-commerce boom: BuzzCity
As m-commerce continues to gain momentum and more brands are turning to mobile advertising, the dominant CPC advertising model can be subject to fraudulent clicks, BuzzCity warned.
Traditional weekly shop under threat in Malaysia as e-shopping surges: BuzzCity
Singapore was the only Asian country that made it into the top 20 list of countries with the best public WiFi, according to WiFi and 3G/4G watchdog Rotten WiFi.
Thailand, Indonesia smartphone growth hampered by cost: BuzzCity
Despite the overall rise in smartphone adoption and video consumption in the South-East Asian region, emerging economies such as Thailand and Indonesia are expected to struggle to grow further because of the high costs of handsets, according to BuzzCity.
Advertiser indifference a threat to mobile ad growth: BuzzCity
Mobile Internet users have mixed feelings towards advertising – just as many have positive (65%) views of advertising as they do negative (54%), according to mobile advertising network BuzzCity.
Don’t fall behind the mobile video revolution
Just as photos defined an earlier generation of mobile usage, on-demand ‘anytime anywhere’ video has quickly become part of our media consumption habit and promises new types of marketing opportunities, writes BuzzCity founder Dr KF Lai.
Mobile advertising up, m-banking in ho-hum stage: BuzzCity report
Mobile advertising network BuzzCity said more than 83.3 billion ad banners were served across its entire network in the first quarter of 2014, a 15% growth from the previous quarter, and added that mobile banking is seeing increasing adoption but is going through a stage of apathy amongst users.
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