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How Acronis has declared war against ransomware attacks
Acronis has launched a new version of its innovative and secure cloud backup solution ‘Acronis True Image 2017 New Generation’ that protects backups from ransomware threats.
One-in-ten bend the truth on social media to make themselves feel good: Kaspersky Lab study
People are turning to social media in order to show-off to friends, collect as many ‘likes’ as possible and to feel good about themselves.
Clues are dead - Kaspersky Lab’s threat predictions 2017
The list for 2017 includes the impact of bespoke and disposable tools, the growing use of misdirection in terms of attacker identity, the fragility of an indiscriminately Internet-connected world, and the use of cyberattacks as a weapon of information warfare.
Many Wi-Fi hotspots waiting to be hacked
Kaspersky Lab has found that every fourth (28%) Wi-Fi hotspot is unsecured and poses a risk to users' personal data.
Kaspersky Labs: Targeted attacks on the rise
Financial institutions need a holistic response towards targeted attacks, says Kaspersky.
Smartphones distract, lower efficiency: Kaspersky Lab
Smartphones are useful to stay in touch with colleagues, check email and complete urgent tasks on the go.However, productivity falls when someone is at their desk, according to a  psychological experiment commissioned by Kaspersky Lab.
The high cost of the IT security talent shortage
Businesses that struggle to attract skilled IT security experts end up paying up to three times more to recover from a cybersecurity incident.
Donald Trump the new spam favourite, Kaspersky Lab finds
The US elections, especially news about one particular candidate – Donald Trump – became the new hot spam topic this quarter
Cybersecurity savviness: Malaysians fare badly in 16-country Kaspersky survey
As part of its Digital Literacy Survey, the company surveyed the cyber savviness of more than 18, 000 users from 16 countries worldwide to find out how they behave on the Internet and how risky their online habits are, and Malaysians did not fare well at all.  
Urge to connect is putting international travellers at risk: Kaspersky Lab
The urge to go online the moment they reach foreign soil sees a high proportion of people connecting to unsecured WiFi networks, thus putting their personal data at risk, according to a study by Kaspersky Lab.
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