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Championing digital payments in Malaysia
Asia is at the forefront of the digital payment evolution, but challenges still remain.
How Malaysians choose mobile plans
Consumers generally find the process of buying mobile plans confusing.
Sceptical Malaysians don’t believe what they see on social media
Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the price they are paying for their connected lifestyles, and many feel on the losing end of an unfair exchange.
Asia Pacific leads the world in mobile payments: Study
Asia Pacific is leading the world in mobile payment with over half (53%) of connected consumers using their mobiles to pay for goods or services at point of sale via apps, in comparison to 33% in North America and 35% in Europe.
Malaysians most active Instagram users in Asia Pacific
The use of Instagram and Snapchat has risen sharply in Malaysia as the popularity of highly-visual channels continues to grow.  
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