Justin Hall

Nature tech startup, Arkadiah Technology closes seed round led by Golden Gate Ventures
Golden Gate Ventures as lead with The Radical Fund & Money Forward Venture Partners Arkadiah's platform is purpose-built to cover the rich biodiversity & landscape of SEA
Golden Gate Ventures to invest US$18mil into Malaysian based startups, open KL office
VC firm launches local  office to help fuel innovation in the tech startup sector.
Homage raises US$4.15mil in Series A funding
Singapore-based in-home caregiving service to expand and enhance service offerings.
Printerous raises US$1.4mil in pre-series A funding
Digital startup enables companies and individuals to custom print designs on various products, and delivers the orders.
Battle royale for Indonesia, experts predict
With the Indonesian ride-hailing market projected to be worth US$15 bil, expect an all out fight to win.
SEA startup exits: M&As to overshadow IPOs
There will be a 500% increase in the number of M&As in SEA from 2015 to 2020, according to a report that Golden Gate Ventures has just released.  
Bad terms are like bad dinner guests, avoid them
Investment terms are tricky and hard to understand, but Justin Hall is here to explain them – and why you should avoid the bad ones.  
How to hunt down a unicorn
As the risk appetite declines, the propensity for investors to continue supporting multibillion-dollar funding rounds at sky-high valuations will understandably wane, writes Justin Hall.
Have an idea? Outsource, stupid
You fantasise about becoming your own boss, building a global company, and becoming a leader in your industry, but you don’t know how to code. That’s not a problem, writes Justin Hall.
Dumb money burns, smart money learns
Although it might seem obvious, angels who made their wealth from traditional industries are handicapped by one glaring flaw – they’ve never actually invested or worked in tech, writes Justin Hall.
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