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MDeC’s knowledge worker development center officially launched
Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) has officially launched its Knowledge Workers Development Center (KDC), which was established to accelerate the development of local k-workers.
Recruiting talent: Lessons from unusual approaches
To recruit top talent in today’s ultra-competitive environment, you have to tap informal networks in a creative – and aggressive – way.
Asean CEOs more ‘social’ than global norm, says study
An IBM study has thrown out some surprises when it comes to what CEOs view as their challenges and what they are doing to face them – with CEOs in the Asean region “scoring higher” than the global average in terms of embracing a culture of open-ness and adopting social media as a business tool.
Recruiting top talent: A team effort
Companies I talk to around the world are back to hiring aggressively.  However, it’s always taxing to find enough quality candidates to fill the pipeline, especially after the hiring drought many companies have experienced the past couple years; seems everyone is either out of practice and/or their referral networks have dried up.
IT grads: Time to raise the bar
Computer Science used to be a four-year program in all our public universities, but was changed in the late 1990s under the mistaken belief that cutting one year off university education was the answer to the industry’s need for talent. It was a recipe for disaster, and USM is intent on turning the ride.
ICT grads: Plugging the gap
Malaysia does not have enough skilled ICT staff to meet its own national aspirations, let alone compete against other economies in the region. Tertiary institutes are working with the industry to address the issue, however.
MNCs weigh in on local ICT grads
Multinationals too have a stake in seeing the Malaysian Information and Communications Technology (ICT) graduate dilemma being resolved. Digital News Asia spoke to these three companies to get a snapshot of what they believe are the challenges surrounding hiring Malaysian graduates, and how they should be addressed.
ICT grads: Views from the ground
THERE seems to be a mismatch in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) graduates and jobs equation. Demand is high, so is the supply. And they do not seem to intersect. Digital News Asia spoke to some independent software experts and an entrepreneur in the high technology space to get their views.
Jobs, or lack thereof, in the cloud era
The cloud is going to kill off some IT jobs while creating new ones. However this equation is balanced, one thing’s for sure: IT jobs are going to change, and graduates better be prepared for it.
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