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Questions from IT grads … and some answers
DNA columnist Bernard Sia, after engaging with IT graduates, shares his thoughts on, and responses to, some of the questions they asked him.
Pay for performance trend picks up: Kelly survey
There is widespread support for performance-based pay, according to the latest findings from the Kelly Global Workforce Index.
Bad Computer Science lecturers
DNA columnist Dr Shawn Tan looks at the issue of lecturer quality in Malaysia’s Computer Science programmes today.
Monster Singapore launches first 3D virtual career fair
Online career and recruitment solutions provider Monster Singapore has announced the launch of its first virtual career fair to take place from April 2-6.
Too many computer science degree programs in Malaysia?
What the industry sorely needs is brains, but what we get are mostly bodies. For some reason, our universities are not graduating the right kind of people, writes Dr Shawn Tan.
Pikom unveils 5yr plan, says ICT industry to hit RM95bil by 2017
Malaysia's national ICT association Pikom has unveiled a five-strategic direction which ultimately aims to create world-class Malaysian players and projects that annual industry revenue based on transactions will hit US$31 billion by 2017.
TalentCorp kicks off 2013 outreach program
TalentCorp has kicked off its outreach programme for 2013 with a series of networking sessions in the Middle East and the United Kingdom.
The shelf life of IT pros: A response
Businessman, blogger, open source software dude and occasional DNA columnist Colin Charles responds to fellow-columnist Bernard Sia’s article on ’The five-year shelf life of an IT pro.’
The five-year shelf life of an IT pro
DNA columnist Bernard Sia has been conducting too many job interviews for far too long, and is now prepared to share his generalizations on the state of IT professionals in Malaysia.
LinkedIn announces 1 million members in Malaysia
LinkedIn, which claims more than 187 million members worldwide, announced it has surpassed one million members in Malaysia, adding that the launch of its Bahasa Malaysia language site in 2011 spurred a whole new generation of users locally.
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