IT Grads

‘Shell shocked’ or timely call to action?
The impact of a new trend in outsourcing, Global Business Services, could hit Malaysia hard if it does not show the ability to move up the value chain in the outsourcing sector, with Shell Malaysia’s decision to move an estimated 700 jobs to India.
INTI-LinkedIn link up to create workforce-ready graduates
Malaysian higher education institution INTI International University and Colleges has announced a strategic collaboration with the world’s largest online professional network, LinkedIn, to nurture industry-ready graduates by building and aligning their online credentials and skills with future employers.
Cisco academy programme hones in on IoT as APAC shortage looms
Cisco said it would deliver a new portfolio for its Cisco Networking Academy programme to address a critical shortfall of skills in key new areas, such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and industrial networking.
Bad Computer Science students, and what must be done
After having scrutinised the education system and lecturers, Dr Shawn Tan trains his eye on the students themselves and outlines what they need to do to take ownership of their Computer Science careers.
Week in Review: Are we Malaysians naturally blessed with smarts?
Despite the limitations of our exam-based education system, Malaysia's universities are producing some fine engineers. Are Malaysians just naturally smart, or are there other factors? Karamjit Singh ponders.
The shelf life of IT pros: A response
Businessman, blogger, open source software dude and occasional DNA columnist Colin Charles responds to fellow-columnist Bernard Sia’s article on ’The five-year shelf life of an IT pro.’
The five-year shelf life of an IT pro
DNA columnist Bernard Sia has been conducting too many job interviews for far too long, and is now prepared to share his generalizations on the state of IT professionals in Malaysia.
Cebu start-up’s app tackles IT grad issue in the Philippines
The Codetoki team – with an app that allows IT graduates in the Philippines to increase their chances of employment – was recently proclaimed winner of the Ideas portion of the 1st Ideas & Apps Challenge, a competition initiated by US-based AppBridge in partnership with Globe Telecom and its wholly-owned subsidiary, start-up incubator Kickstart Ventures in the Philippines.
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