IT Education

Bad Computer Science students, and what must be done
After having scrutinised the education system and lecturers, Dr Shawn Tan trains his eye on the students themselves and outlines what they need to do to take ownership of their Computer Science careers.
IBM and S5 extend hand to Help University
Help University has announced a new collaboration with S5 and IBM Malaysia, as part of an overall plan to improve exposure of its IT students via additional technical skills and internships.
Microsoft strengthens ICT foundation with training fund
A new information and communication technology (ICT) training program for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) has been launched by the Asean Foundation, funded by Microsoft as part of its global YouthSpark initiative. powers up with Might-Meteor
Human capital development centre Might-Meteor Advanced Manufacturing Sdn Bhd and have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to use gamification principles with students at participating Malaysian universities and colleges.
Jobs, or lack thereof, in the cloud era
The cloud is going to kill off some IT jobs while creating new ones. However this equation is balanced, one thing’s for sure: IT jobs are going to change, and graduates better be prepared for it.
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