IoT Standards

Mimos launches open platform for the IoT
Mimos has announced Mi-MIST (Mimos Internet Services of Things), an ‘open innovation platform’ established for the development of IOT technologies.
Without trust and security, forget your smart nation/ city
Much has been said about the great possibilities and potential good a smart city can bring to people, but not enough has been said about the security and trust needed for adoption.
To get to the ambient computing future, we need IoT standards
Many organisations are still waiting for universal standardisation and regulatory bodies to make IoT a reality, but there may be an alternative, writes Venkataraman Krishnan of Cognizant.
Why the world isn’t ready for the IoT
The IoT is meaningless with interoperability, and that’s not happening because while technologists and creative minds got excited about IoT, there has been no collective consideration of what the user wants and needs, writes David Eden of Tata Communications.
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