Ode to the desktop, or why mobile-first sucks
Sure, smartphones and tablets are great and the mobile Internet has opened up entire new vistas … but A. Asohan argues that the desktop still rules.  
Project Loon to ‘land’ in Indonesia amidst challenges
Google's Project Loon will be ‘landing’ in Indonesia after an agreement was reached with the republic’s three main operators, but industry observers say there are regulatory and other challenges ahead.
Facebook wants to connect the ‘other’ 150mil Indonesians
It is the responsibility of all stakeholders, both public and private, to connect as many people as possible to the Internet, Facebook Inc’s vice president of Business Development John Lagerling told the Indosat IDByte 2015 conference in Jakarta.
150 juta orang Indonesia masih belum dapat akses Internet
Sebelum ada e-commerce banyak orang Indonesia mengenal Internet dari Facebook Konten lokal berbahasa lokal dan harga terjangkau bisa menarik minat masyarakat
Ooredoo’s Indosat and Facebook launch in Indonesia
Indosat and Facebook have partnered to launch in Indonesia, aiming to make the Internet more accessible through a set of basic services, including health, education, social media for communications, and news.
MWC 2015: Operator vs OTT row remains in spotlight
Facebook founder tries to make peace with telco executives, to no avail Complex issue that won’t be solved until a win-win scenario surfaces
Facebook and GSMA in joint move to ‘connect the unconnected’
The GSM Association (GSMA) and Facebook Inc, through its partnership, have announced a joint initiative designed to connect the billions of men and women globally who currently have no access to Internet-based communications services.
Disrupt #11: Hacker lessons from the Valley
Describing himself as “a nerd who loves people, likes giving people hugs on sight, a trouble-maker with run-ins with Stanford Network Security – among others,” David E. Weekly is heading to Kuala Lumpur this week and will be a panellist on the 11th DNA-TeAM Disrupt.
Facebook’s ‘Internet for all’ – Asean challenges
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has launched a global partnership called which aims to make Internet access available to ‘the next five billion people,’ but the noble initiative may find some challenges in this part of the world, A. Asohan reports.
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