Internet Governance

Internet governance: Asia is finally stepping up
Its heavier participation recently signals Asia Pacific’s change from a ‘price-taker’ to an actual participant in Internet governance, according to ICANN executives.
Businesses need to go IPv6, or go bye-bye
With growing mobile Internet use and the booming Internet of Things (IoT), the demand for Internet addresses will only explode, and businesses have no choice but to migrate from Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) to Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6).
Internet governance cannot be left to ‘the IT guys’
It is time now to take a serious look into what happens after, and to reach a consensus on how to conduct ourselves in this changed reality – and it is a conversation that everyone needs to join in, and not something you leave to ‘the IT guys, to sort out, writes Gabey Goh.
Internet governance: Time for Asean to step up
 Issues of governance and protocols have direct impact on local development Cracks appearing at IGF, some dissatisfaction over its proceedings
Post-Snowden revelations, action still a long way away
More than a year after the Snowden revelations, how have policy-makers, regulators, businesses, and users responded? Gabey Goh reports from the IGF in Istanbul.
Malaysia’s Sinar Project wins regional award, seeks to level up
Sinar Project, which uses open technology and applications to make information public and more accessible to the Malaysian people, won an ISIF Asia Award at the on-going Internet Governance Forum in Istanbul, reports Gabey Goh.
Trust key for IXPs’ role in driving digital economies
There is a certain amount of distrust between ISPs as they compete for customers and seemingly have no uniting common interest, but trust within the community is needed to build up local economies, argued participants of a workshop at the on-going Internet Governance Forum, Gabey Goh reports from Istanbul.
Block Facebook? Why not go the whole nine yards?
The Malaysian Government is looking into the possibility of blocking Facebook. Why not block the entire Internet and remove ourselves from the international community, asks A. Asohan.
Brazil Summit heralds major Internet governance reforms
The technical community managing the Internet has retreated on major governance reforms, writes Dr Jeremy Malcolm.
Web Consortium's failures show limits of self-regulation
None of the organisations involved in Internet governance actually represents grassroots Internet users, or are even multi-stakeholder by any usual definition of the term, argues Dr Jeremy Malcolm.
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