Internet Addiction

Parenting and the mobile phone dilemma
Today’s parents face two ubiquitous questions: Should they allow their children to own mobile phones? If so, how old should a child be? Winnie Lee has some advice.
Asia’s top Internet scams, and how to stay safe
A Telenor study showed that the top three Internet scams in Asia are: 1) ‘Work from home’ fraud; 2) Internet auction scams; and 3) Fake bank email scams.
Malaysian schoolkids getting savvier about cybersafety: Survey
A survey of schoolchildren in all states in Malaysia showed that they are gaining ‘digital resilience’ and becoming more aware of safe online practices, including what recourse they have when they become victims.
Asia’s worst Internet habits revealed!
Netizens across Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and India all dislike people spreading false rumors on the Internet, but conversely will tolerate the trending onslaught of others’ cat pictures, according to a recent survey on the Worst Internet Habits commissioned by Telenor Group.
Singaporeans most emotionally dependant on the Internet: Study
AS many as 78% of Singaporeans feel a negative emotion when they are without Internet access, according to the Tata Communications’ Connected World II report. However, despite Singapore’s dependence on all things digital, nearly one-quarter of those surveyed do not understand where the Internet resides.
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