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BDA: Don’t be penny-wise, pound-foolish
Many companies are tempted to use the free or ‘lite’ versions of big data analytics tools just to keep up, but such tools can put limits on a company’s vision and what their data can do, says one expert.
Customise and share your data: The keys to democratising analytics
What actions should you really be taking to democratise your web analytics data? AT Internet’s Bernard Segarra has a few ideas.
6 tips for digital analytics tagging
Florian Rieupet of AT Internet discusses best practices when it comes to web analytics implementation, and offers tips on avoiding risks that can affect a company’s data as well as tagging that can ensure dependable data.  
Analytics and e-commerce: Cover your bases
As your business grows, data becomes more relevant and a greater number of business units will want a piece of the data pie. Save yourself the future frustration of data gaps by planning ahead and laying out the proper tagging groundwork now, writes Gerrard Te Brake of AT Internet.
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