Asus flows into gamers' hearts
World's first liquid cooled laptop launched League of Legends tournament coming soon   
Review: MSI GE62 Apache Pro, a gamer’s dream
  MSI is a familiar brand name to gamers around the world. From its dedicated gaming motherboards to SteelSeries keyboards, the brand is a familiar sight in e-sports venues and hardware enthusiast shops.  
Acer Revo One purrs into Malaysia
Branded with the Hello Kitty logo Media hub for music and video   SPORTING the Hello Kitty logo on a pink background, the Acer Revo One Hello Kitty edition has purred into Malaysia. Acer says there are only 600 units of the Hello Kitty edition available in Malaysia.  
STOM hits Malaysia
New 2-in-1 device from Thunder Match PC in a stick with Win 10 also launched   A MAJOR storm powered by Intel has hit Malaysian shores, providing a bit more competition to Microsoft's Surface Pro 4.  
Intel’s Andy Grove passes away
Intel announced that the company’s former CEO and chairman Andrew S. Grove passed away March 21 at the age of 79.
Dell opens regional IoT lab in Singapore
Dell, in collaboration with Intel, launched an IoT lab in Singapore which will focus on public safety, industrial automation, and healthcare.
Review: Master your mugshots with the Asus ZenFone Selfie
Ever felt the need to improve your selfie game?  Asus ZenFone Selfie seems to have the answer with a 13 MP front camera.  Keith Liu reviews this affordable Android smartphone.
50 years on, Moore’s Law still rules: Intel exec
It’s been 50 years since Gordon Moore formulated his law which postulated that processors will double every two years, and Intel – the company he later cofounded – is guided by that principle, says a senior exec.
SNS Network unleashes Atom-powered Joi tablet and phone
SNS Network Sdn Bhd has introduced the Joi 7 Lite tablet and Joi Phone 5 smartphone, both based on the Intel Atom x3 processor series.
A ‘magic mirror’ for your jewellery shopping, powered by Intel and Samsung
The Retail Asia Expo in Hong Kong going on from June 9-11 saw a showcase of the Magic Mirror 2.0, designed and built for the jewellery chain Chow Sang Sang by digital agency Mirum, with Intel technology and a Samsung Display Mirror OLED display panel.
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