Point: ‘Make Malaysia a nation second to none’
With his regular appearances at AIM events, Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak is sending a clear signal that innovation is important to him and he wants to be the prime minister who is identified with championing it, writes Karamjit Singh.
Counterpoint: PM’s Genovasi drive just doesn’t jive
Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak has launched the Genovasi Challenge, which urges youths to “stop complaining and do something” – yet his own Administration punishes those who do so.
For SI Camp Asia, builders now wanted
The inaugural Social Innovation (SI) Camp Asia, set to take place in Kuala Lumpur from Nov 9-11, has issued a call for individuals to join in and help make ideas a reality.
Encouraging moves from Singapore’s ivory towers to industry, society
Singapore’s National Research Foundation is working to get more science and tech from universities into the market, and is using the Techventure conference as a tool to further deepen these links.
Idea window closing for SI Camp Asia
Social Innovation (SI) Camp will be in Kuala Lumpur from Nov 9-11, marking the event’s first visit to Asia. The Call for Ideas submission period closes on Oct 19.
As Apple takes center stage, iPhone 5 is evolutionary, not revolutionary
While Apple’s latest iteration of its smartphone – the iPhone 5 – met the general expectations of gadget pundits and market talk, analysts were divided as to whether Apple can win the long smartphone game in this increasingly fickle consumer-driven world.  
‘We will not be arrogant, but innovative like Apple’
The incoming CEO of software giant VMware has wowed not to allow his company to become “arrogant” in the industry during his tenure in charge of the virtualization and cloud player.
AIM to invest US$6.7 million into three Malaysian companies
It was a big day for Agensi Inovasi Malaysia (AIM), a statutory body set up by the Malaysian Government to fuel the push towards establishing an “innovation economy, as it signed three term sheets with three of the five companies it plans to invest in.
Bandwidth throttling: It’s so last year
Bell Labs India believes one of its research projects may do away with the need for bandwidth throttling by ISPs – merely one example of how a technology developed for an emerging market may have a disruptive impact in a developed economy.
SMEs beginning to scale up value chain: IBM
SMEs shifting from just focusing on operational efficiency to emphasis on growth and innovation Outsourcing no longer about large transformational projects but selected, targeted ones
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