Incident Response

The importance of cooperation during a security response
The ability to keep cool during an incident response is a quality managers need to instill in their team.
How to ensure you have a data-secured environment
Vishak Raman of Tata Communications on the major trends affecting organisations’ information security plans, and the best practices to securing your environment.
Protecting your network requires TnT: Training and testing
Having seemingly secure code and the right security measures is not enough for a strong security stance if proper training is not implemented, writes David Sajoto of Ixia.
Incident response still relying on ‘old tech’
Security responses need to move on from the traditional email, spreadsheets and phone calls to reduce response times, says one expert.
Singapore prepares cloud outage incident response guidelines
Singapore has unveiled a set of Cloud Outage Incident Response (COIR) guidelines to assist in business continuity management and disaster recovery plans.
Deloitte opens cybersecurity centre in Malaysia
Deloitte Malaysia recently launched its Cyber Security Operations Centre (CyberSOC), which will provide advanced security event monitoring, threat analytics, cyberthreat management as well as incident response for businesses in the region.
Organisations unprepared for mobile security incidents: GigaOm
A significant percentage of organisations are taking virtually no steps to ensure that mobile devices (company issued and BYOD or ‘bring our own device’) with access to corporate data are indeed secure.
CyberSecurity Malaysia in MoU with CERT Australia
CyberSecurity has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Australian Government’s Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT Australia) that it said would pave the way for more cyber-security collaboration between both countries.
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