Debate over Internet’s fate to light up in Dubai
The fate of the Internet and how it is governed is set to take the global stage on Dec 3 when the United Nation's 193-nation International Telecommunications Union  meets in Dubai for the World Conference on International Telecommunication (WCIT) to review a 1988 treaty.
Government surveillance on the rise: Google
According to the sixth edition of Google’s Transparency Report, the company’s initiative to track and share information on government interferences with its activities, government surveillance is on the rise worldwide.
Fujitsu confident of hitting growth target
Fujitsu Malaysia is on track to achieve its 2012 revenue growth targets aided by the resumption of spending by the Malaysian government in the education and public sector space.
Mikko’s world: Governments, factories and washing machines
With the 10th editon of Malaysia’s premier cyber-security event HITBSecConf just around the corner, DNA speaks to one of its most popular speakers: Mikko Hypponen, F-Secure's chief research officer.
Industry urged to engage governments on Net governance
Asia has for the past few years led the world in Internet and mobile growth penetration and will continue to do so in the next decade. But the potential intervention of governments and their actions could derail the region’s Internet economy growth, warns a former high-ranking US policy official.
Evidence Act, censorship, control issues and other #facepalms
The idiocy and hypocrisy, though sometimes admittedly merely a poor understanding, from various quarters on certain key issues have just swirled around and collected neatly in front of Digital News Asia executive editor A. Asohan.
Evidence Act amendments, a slippery slope
Evidence Act amendments allow for wide-ranging powers to go after netizens From now on, you're guilty until proven innocent
Oil and water, govts and the Net
Governments the world over have never been comfortable with the virtual world, or anything they can’t have a direct influence over. Technology has wrought great changes in society, and governments — like many of us, when you actually think about it — have had a hard time keeping up.
ICT policies and the ‘blahdi garment’ reflex
The government’s track record when it comes to openness, transparency and accountability has been so woeful that Malaysians feel disenfranchised, lacking a voice and slow to trust anything that comes out of Putrajaya. When somebody feels cornered, they lash out — and usually it is at the most easily identified target.
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