RIM introduces new MDM tool amid ongoing challenges
Research in Motion (RIM) has made available to Malaysian enterprises what it claims to be a cost-efficient, secure, reliable and scalable mobile device management solution (MDM) in the form of the BlackBerry Mobile Fusion Platform (MFP).
Hello, computer: Google’s baby step towards a Star Trek computer
Google has announced its latest feature, the Knowledge Graph, which provides more intelligence and context to searches and which one executive described as a  baby step towards building the kind of computer you see on TV series and movie phenomenon Star Trek.  
Apple cans YouTube from iOS 6, next-gen mobile products
Would be buyers of the new iteration of Apple mobile products -- iPhones, iPads, and iPods -- take note: These devices will not come pre-installed with Google's YouTube native application as the tech giant has decided to leave the hugely popular application out of its next generation software update and product lines.
A potential disruptor to live broadcasting
The 30th Olympiad comes to us not just over traditional TV but also over the Net. For the first time in history, up to 10 live events are being streamed over Google's YouTube channel. What is the impact of this development? Edwin Yapp ponders this as he watches the Games over his PC, Mac, tablet and smartphone.
Can’t go to the Olympics? Never mind, there’s always YouTube
Whether you’re a die-hard enthusiast or just a casual sports fan, this year’s Olympic games held in London will be different. For the first time in history, viewers can catch the largest multi-sporting event not only on traditional TV channels but also over the Internet.
The ‘hidden’ Microsoft comes to the Surface
Last week, Microsoft unveiled two tablets powered by its upcoming Windows 8 OS that largely wowed a skeptical tech audience, throwing the gauntlet not only at Apple and Google, but also at its own OEM partners.
Industry urged to engage governments on Net governance
Asia has for the past few years led the world in Internet and mobile growth penetration and will continue to do so in the next decade. But the potential intervention of governments and their actions could derail the region’s Internet economy growth, warns a former high-ranking US policy official.
Internet speeds: It’s not just about the infra, silly
When it comes to the ‘perceived speed’ of Internet access, infrastructure is only one factor in the equation, says a Goggle VP. Having data stored locally is just as important.
Malaysia to get Google’s g|Day on steroids
Google Inc will be hosting a much expanded g|Day in Malaysia in October, as part of its efforts to grow the Internet community here.
Facebook IPO: This time, it’s personal
The Facebook IPO generated the same amount of hype and hope that the Google’s IPO did back in August, 2004. The latter brought cheer back to the tech industry after the debacle of the dotcom bust; while the Facebook listing marks a new era, some would like to believe.
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